We offer the following services:

  • Full prescriptions service
  • Compounding for prescriptions, veterinarian, cosmetic, and other specialized preparations
  • Compliance packaging of medications for customers and home care givers
  • Compression stockings with certified fitter
  • Prescription counseling and medication reviews
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Injection service
  • Recycling to used medication containers and packaging
  • Fast personalized service

We also have a front store that offers:

  • vitamins, herbals, homeopathic, and nutritional supplements
  • home health care and supports
  • giftware and jewelry
  • Hallmark and Bella Flor greeting cards
  • toys and seasonal items
  • Kodak photo developing machine
  • Sears catalogue depot



Definition: the science of preparing customized dosage forms of medications for a wide range of patients and treatments.

Reasons for compounding medications:

  • specific allergies to commercially available forms
  • unique dose or strength requirement
  • taste
  • interactions with other medications
  • inability of the patient to swallow tablet or capsule
  • to provide a topical form
  • patient compliance

Areas of compounding include:

  • pain management
  • bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • thyroid hormone
  • andropause
  • dermatology
  • sports medicine
  • dentistry
  • veterinary